apps to help automate your business

How many hours do you spend manually inputting financial information for your business?

I ask, because there’s a lot of automated bookkeeping apps out there that can save you SO much time (and some of them are free!)

So, if you’re still:

⌨️ Typing in your bank statements one line at a time

? Paying your vendors with mailed checks (that usually arrive a little late)

? Always forgetting to scribble your business mileage in that tiny log book in your glove compartment

Then I’ve got a list of tools that can save you a LOT of time, hassle and even money.

Here’s a quick hit list of my favorite time-saving apps to automate 8 of your most common business bookkeeping needs: 

✅  LOGGING MILEAGE: MileIQ and TripLog

✅  ON-TIME VENDOR PAYMENTS: Auto bill payment through your bank website, or through Bill Pay for Quickbooks

✅  EXPENSE MANAGEMENT: Connect your bank website to your financial software to auto-download transactions and set up automatic categorization

✅  DOCUMENT STORAGE: Google Drive and Dropbox

✅  RECEIPT TRACKING: Shoeboxed, Receipt Bank, and HubDoc


✅  PAYROLL: Gusto

✅  TIME TRACKING: Toggl and Clockify

AND – one last bonus tip!  If none of these apps give you the exact kind of automation you need, make sure to check out Zapier! 

Through Zapier you can customize an almost-unlimited variation of automations that you can design to fit your unique business needs. (Check it out! It’s pretty cool)

Anyways, I hope that something in that list rang a bell and helps you start saving more time today!

And, of course, if you have any questions about any of these apps – just reach out.  I’d love to help you figure out the best ways to make your business bookkeeping easier for you!  Shoot me an email –  Looking forward to hearing from you!